Programs are available for your group or school with learning outcomes focused on team work, initiative, leadership and problem solving. Our qualified instructors will provide scenario based learning for hands on activities that involve everyone. Some examples of our programs are below.

Armoury Challenge program

Based in the Newington Armoury the program introduces students to working in teams and exploring practical leadership in complex and challenging situations. Students must work together to complete a course of problem solving and team building initiatives. Students identify their individual leadership styles, the foundations of an effective team, the various roles people play within a group and they will work collaboratively to build an efficient team.

This can be operated as a stand-alone program or as Day One of a Two Day program. Day 2 Sydney Olympic Park (SOP) Challenge is the opportunity to further build on the foundation skills & learnings gained on Day 1.

Sydney Olympic Park Challenge

This program enhances and reinforces the leadership qualities within the group. The students will work together to complete a challenge course around Sydney Olympic Park. They work independently from the facilitators who are placed at particular checkpoints for safety. To complete all 13 checkpoints students have to collaborate, problem solve, make critical decisions, take on leadership roles and work towards a shared vision.

This program may run as a stand-alone activity or run after the Day 1 Armory Challenge to further develop the concepts and learnings gained during this program.

Example program for Leadership and team challenge

Leadership initiatives
8AMArrival and brief Sydney Olympic Park Lodge Arrival
CHECKPOINT 1Start from Newington Armoury
CHECKPOINT 2Archery Challenge
CHECKPOINT 3Shipwreck count
CHECKPOINT 4Initiative 1 - Bonus Challenge
CHECKPOINT 5Brick Pit Challenge
CHECKPOINT 6Cathy Freeman Challenge
CHECKPOINT 7Health and Fitness Challenge
Olympians Knowledge Test
Environmental Walk of Knowledge
CHECKPOINT 9Initiative 2 - Bonus Challenge
CHECKPOINT 10Bennelong Bridge
CHECKPOINT 11Initiative 3 - Bonus Challenge
CHECKPOINT 12Indigenous Hub Reflection